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Visions Event Planning & Design

"What's Your Vision?"   

 Visions Event Planning & Design is a creative, innovative, multifaceted full service event planning company that understands the importance of infusing personality and style into designs to spark heartfelt memories that will remain with clients for a life time. As you know there are many benefits in hiring a full service event planning company because we alleviate all stress so you can simply rest and put our professional staff to the ultimate test.

All of our services are provided in house to maximize our client’s budget and eliminate any additional costs. Consider Visions your hired friend as we work with you hand in hand from beginning to end.

From event planning, coordinating, floral, décor, specialty gift packages, plus much more you will receive exceptional services once you walk through our doors.

Why us?

We are professional in our approach, we employ strategic direction and planning, coupled with a passion to take your vision and make it much more than you could ever envision.